Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? {Before FIAR}

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?
by Nancy White Carlstrom

A sweet story of a little bear! Shared in poem and rhyme, this book offered another precious learning adventure.

I’ve “rowed” this book a few years back with our now 7 year old, and knew that this would be a fun time to seize the moment and capture the memories with my baby. . . our last “row” with her as 3 years old. A bittersweet moment, tugging on the strings of my heart.

Her happy face was captured in every picture! She loves this special learning time. A simple book, read out loud, pointing out details in pictures alongside a few hands-on activities to enhance the story.

“A glad heart makes a face happy. . .”

Proverbs 15:13

Highlights from our week:


Dressing up like Jesse Bear was a start to our morning!  She adores my (her’s now) teddy bear and she was already dressed just like Jesse Bear in our story!  I introduced a dressing basket with clothing to help her get dressed like Jesse Bear, too.  It was a hit and started off our day with a lot of smiles.


Using a variety of fabrics, my oldest daughter and I teamed together and cut out pants, shirts, and socks.    I gave them to my little one and she had a clothing picnic and made lots of outfits.  I loved watching her creativity!


Mommy (me) shared her precious dressing bears!  I have collected a few bears over my years, and some are held out of reach and only brought out for special moments.  This was one of those special moments.




wmjbUsing our Education Cubes and the Season cards,  we played with our Dress-up Weather Bear!  She rolled a season and then dressed our paper bear.  She LOVES posing for the camera, too!  Oh, that precious HAPPY face shines with a glad heart!

wmjb6Shapes!  and paint!  Paint is always a fun activity in our family.

Our Moments POST


We decided to eat a little like Jesse Bear, too!


The resources shared are NOT to replace the Five in a Row manuals. The manuals are a key element in the curriculum and offer far more information than any photo or words that I share about on my blog. There are so many priceless discussions that are inspired from the manual that just are not captured or portrayed in a recap of our “rowing” experience.

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